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Image shows playstation 4 giveaway console
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Few words about free PS4 consoles from Playstation 4 giveaway

PS4 is the next generation console from Playstation series (PS3, PS2 and PS One). Its appearance is a black box with pointed angular sides, is aggressive but at the same time modern. Key features of the console is able to play the latest games in Full HD resolution. You can now have Playstation 4 for free! The ability to communicate with other participants in the game via the internet. No lock on the game used, no regional lockout, lack of required constant connection to the network. Consoles from free Playstation 4 giveaway streaming PS4 games for mobile devices. Number of exclusive games is very extensive, and they are very good quality titles like Battlefield 4 or Watchdogs. What about pads? Two-point, Capacitive Touchscreen, three-axis gyroscope and three-axis accelerometer. Vibration, LED panel with three-color LED that acts as the PS Move but it is also used to more quickly identify the player. Mono speaker and headphone port, micro USB port, expansion port, battery mAh. This website redirects you to another giveaway page after you pass spam verification system and successful complete offers. Hope you will enjoy our PS4 giveaway!